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Our Talc, a gentle mineral, finds extensive application in various sectors including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and industry. Specifically crafted for cosmetic use, cosmetic grade talc imparts a glossy finish and silky texture to beauty products. Our meticulous process begins with selecting the finest minerals and ensuring the absence of heavy metals. Through our proprietary technique, we produce finely milled talc that meets rigorous quality criteria. The lamellar structure of our talc powder delivers outstanding opacity to all formulations.

Our Talc is 99 percent pure whiteness Grade A, a mineral present in numerous cosmetic and personal care items such as baby powders and eyeshadows, serves various purposes. It is utilized to absorb moisture, enhance smoothness, prevent clumping, and impart opacity to cosmetics. Talc plays a ubiquitous role in cosmetics, subtly contributing to the products we encounter in our daily lives. Its soft and smooth texture offers tactile advantages and aids in preventing skin allergies and irritations. Additionally, talc assists the cosmetics industry in prolonging product lifespan, reducing manufacturing expenses, and catering to a global market.

Luxury Tiles is a 100% UAE based company with an experienced team bringing cosmetic products to you online.

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