Talcum Powder A+

Talcum Powder A+
Talcum Powder A+
Talcum Powder A+
Talcum Powder A+
Talcum Powder A+
Talcum Powder A+

Talcum Powder A+

Dhs. 15.00

 Discover Luxury Tiles UAE Talcum Powder, a high-quality cosmetic  A+ grade

FINE POWDER material with a pure, bright, and high grade.

SAME DAY DELIVERY within 5 Hours Lead Time if order placed before 2PM after cut off time NEXT DAY DELIVERY.

  • Talcum Powder 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg
  • Fine Powder 
  • Soft, Pure White, water-repellent, odorless, asbestos-free
  • Without additives
  • Versatile in use 
  • Medical Grade
  • Cosmetic Grade
  • Food Grade


Grade: A+

Mesh Size:  (2 Microns) 6000 mesh

Whiteness/ Purity: 98% plus

Product Type: Talcum (Talc)

Medical Use, Cosmetic Use, Food Use

Brand: Pure Talcum

Colour: White Material Talcum

Origin: Afghanistan


Talcum Powder 1kg Talcum powder is soft, water-repellent, odorless, asbestos-free, without additives, and versatile in use.

Talcum powder is also known by the names Talc, Magnesium Silicate (hydrated), soapstone, (Mg3H2(SiO3)4), Talcum venetum, steatite, and magnesium silicate hydrate.

Properties of Talcum Powder:

  • Facilitates the donning of latex (simply powder latex or distribute on the skin).
  • Used in foundries to create a parting layer in casting molds between the cope and drag.
  • Prevents heat- or age-induced sticking of soft plastics, rubber, or latex.
  • Used as a filler in the paper and pulp industry, paint and varnish industry, as well as the rubber, plastic, and ceramic industries.
  • Used as a care product for latex, rubber, silicone (protects latex even during extended storage - prevents sticking and wear).

For further technical information, view our data sheet. If you need larger quantities of talcum, feel free to contact us at any time.

Buy Talcum Powder Online in the UAE from Luxury Tiles UAE!


In the bustling and cosmopolitan United Arab Emirates, where luxury and convenience are paramount, the way we shop for everyday essentials has evolved. Online shopping has become a way of life, offering an array of products, including personal care items. Among these, talcum powder has emerged as a trusted companion in the realm of self-care. Explore our online shop the world of buying talcum powder online in the UAE, a nation known for its appreciation of quality and opulence.

The Timeless Elegance of Talcum Powder

Before we dive into the world of online purchases, it's essential to understand the enduring allure of talcum powder. This classic product is cherished for its exceptional properties:

  1. Skin Comfort: The UAE's warm climate makes talcum powder a sought-after commodity. Its moisture-absorbing properties help maintain dry and comfortable skin in the face of the desert sun.

  2. Chafing Prevention: With its silky texture, talcum powder forms a frictionless barrier, preventing chafing, particularly in high-friction areas.

  3. Revitalizing Freshness: In the fast-paced UAE lifestyle, our talcum powder offers quick and effective refreshment, ensuring a clean, revitalizing feeling on even the busiest of days.

  4. Baby Care: Parents in the UAE turn to talcum powder to care for their little ones. It keeps babies' delicate skin dry and free from irritation, making it an indispensable item for parents safe and asbestos free making our talcum the safest and best quality in the world.

  5. Cosmetic Enhancement: Talcum powder is a common ingredient in cosmetics, acting as a base for various makeup products and contributing to a matte finish.

  6. Versatile Household Uses: Talcum powder extends beyond personal care. It can be used to deodorize shoes, prevent bed sheets from sticking, and even serve as an emergency dry shampoo.

Why Buy Talcum Powder Online in the UAE?

  1. Convenience: Online shopping in the UAE offers unparalleled convenience. We are one of the only retailers who offers talcum powder online. Shoppers can order talcum powder from Luxury Tiles UAE from the comfort of their homes or while on the go, reducing the need for physical store visits.

  2. Diverse Range:  Our Online stores often provide a wide selection of talcum powder packaging, and sizes, catering to diverse preferences.

  3. Quick Delivery: Our Online retailers in the UAE understand the importance of timely delivery, ensuring that customers receive their talcum powder in a prompt and efficient manner. We can delivery with 1-2 Days directly to your door.

  4. Discreet Packaging: Many online sellers offer discreet packaging, respecting customers' privacy and delivering products in a professional manner.

How to Buy Talcum Powder Online in the UAE

  1. Reputable Retailer: Luxury Tiles UAE is a trusted online retailer known for its quality and customer service.

  2. Browse the Range: Explore the product range, considering factors like brand, packaging, and size.

  3. Add to Cart: Select your preferred talcum powder and add it to your virtual shopping cart.

  4. Checkout: Proceed to the checkout, where you'll provide your delivery details and payment information.

  5. Payment and Delivery: Choose a secure payment method, and select your preferred delivery option. Luxury Tiles in the UAE offer fast and efficient shipping.

  6. Enjoy Your Purchase: Once your talcum powder arrives, you can enjoy the comfort and freshness it provides.


Buying talcum powder online in the UAE is more than just a transaction; it's about convenience, luxury, and quality. Whether it's to combat the desert heat, maintain a fresh feeling, or add a touch of elegance to your routine, talcum powder is a versatile companion. Embrace the world of online shopping in the UAE with us, where the silky touch of talcum powder is just a click away, and elevate your self-care experience to new heights.

Delivery, Return, Payment

Delivery locations

We currently deliver within city limits of all Emirates across the UAE

Delivery time

Construction Materials such as Gypsum Powder, White Cement Orders will be dispatched same day 5 Hours Delivery Time, or 1 Business day depending on the time the order has been placed and the day Mon-Sat.

Depending on the item such as Floor, Wall Tiles and Sanitaryware, we may take 1-3 business days to complete the delivery of orders provided:

If there is a delay in the delivery time, we will update you with a new dispatch time. The order will be processed if the new delivery time is convenient for you. If you choose to cancel the order it will be refunded in the same mode of payment it was received. The refund will be done with 3-7 Working Days.

  • Building/compound permits have been arranged, else we won’t be allowed by your compound or building security (especially in the case of larger items of tiles, washbasins, etc.

  • Offloading is arranged by the Delivery Driver. The offloading process requires manual labour and this should be arranged by the customer in order to receive your shipment.

 Orders will be delivered once processed/prepared by our warehouse team.

Head office:

Al Habtoor Holdings- Luxury Tiles UAE 1st Floor Between 2nd & 3rd Interchange,

Near Noor Islamic Metro Station، Sheikh Zayed Rd, Al Quoz – Dubai

– United Arab Emirates.

Delivery fees

Shipping charges are AED 25. FREE Delivery over 499 AED.

If you need assistance with shipments, please feel free to contact us at +971 50577 5958 (Monday to Saturday between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm) or email us: info@puretalcum.com We will be available to assist you. 


We accept all major Payment Methods including Paypal and Cash on Delivery.

Order tracking

You can check the status of your order by logging in to your account or alternatively, you may reach out to our customer care team who can assist you further or email us.

Return & Cancellation

What if I received the wrong products?

If you have received the wrong products, please contact our customer care team within 72 hours of receipt.

How do I cancel My Order?

Orders may be cancelled as long as the shipment has not been dispatched. Your order cannot be cancelled once shipped. Please read our Cancellation Policy.

How do I return my products?

14 Days Return Policy.

Please read our Return Policy first to check eligibility. If you are eligible to return the item, please contact us.

What if I receive damaged products?

Please inspect your order during receipt to ensure the items are in good condition. In the rare scenario where this is not the case, please contact us with any damage-related complaints within 72 hours

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